Welcome to Your Automated Advisor

for Managing Savings & Debt

Our system checks your financial situation and notifies you when an improvement is possible, helping you:


Maintain an emergency fund that is right for you.


Prioritize debt payments and discover when it makes sense to pay off debt or keep it.


Increase your savings and investments based on your situation and future expectations.

...all done effortlessly and securely.

How It Works

How It Works

We provide answers to common but difficult questions:

  • How best to allocate my monthly income?
  • Do I have enough saved for an emergency?
  • Which debt should I pay off first?
  • When does it makes sense to transfer a debt balance?
  • When am I better off investing money instead of paying off debt?
  • Should I increase my 401(k) contribution?

Security Matters

We take data security and privacy very seriously.

Bank-level Security

Our site is built around data security. We use bank-level security to ensure that your sensitive personal information is secure and encrypted. We never store your banking credentials and our servers are managed by Amazon.


We operate on a strictly 'need-to-know' basis, meaning we only store what we need to know about to do our job and nothing else. We don't ask you for your social security number or birthday. We don't even store your name.

No Direct Access

Our data is 'read-only'. We don't store your financial account access details so it's impossible for us to make any changes to your financial accounts. You can also turn off our 'read-only' data feed at any time.


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Unlimited Asset & Debt Accounts Updated Manually
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